10 Cactus room decor ideas to redecorate your room on quarantine

We've been on quarantine since forever and by now I'm sure you're pretty bored of your room and everything around it. If you're a cactus lover this post is for you.

Here are 10 different cactus designs for you implement in your room:

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  1. Sleepy Cactus pillow and bedding:

This design is too cute not be on this list, I mean, just look at it and fall in love

2. Cactus watercolor illustrations:

Watercolor just makes everything look so chic and have another vibe, here is one example:

3. Funny cactus clock:

This one is a great item for you to look at and have a laugh on those very estressful days

4. Light up cactus

Let's turn off the lights and enter a different mood.

5. Cactus plush

This wouldn't be a complete blog post about cactus without a cactus plush

6. Cactus tapestry

This one is another wall decor but it's just so beautiful I couldn't hold myself to not put it in here.

7. Cactus pen holder

I'm pretty sure every person needs a pen holder and if your a cactus lover you might wanna have a look at those.

8. Cactus curtains

Wake up with the sunlight going through your beautiful cactus curtains.

9. Cactus wall stickers

Don't want cactus in your curtains? What about on the wall?

10. Wooden cactus

Maybe you're one of those people that never has luck with their plants and always makes them die. You can get a wodden version so you don't have to worry anymore and still can enjoy the look of a cactus on the room.

Thank you for reading till here. I hope these ideas were helpful

Until next time

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